A variety streamer who has broadcasted everything from Overwatch to Minecraft, for many years, AnneMunition found her game in Rainbow 6: Siege and quickly established herself as one of the community’s most popular personalities by combining her analytical mind and expressive personality with in-game skills. Off-air, she has commitment to being an ambassador for inclusivity in gaming, even being invited to the White House in 2016 to discuss gaming with Michelle Obama. Uniting her on and offline efforts, AnneMunition has cultivated a close-knit, welcoming community and partnered with top brands like Amazon Studios, Red Bull, and Samsung.



  • Twitch - null20.4K average concurrent view per stream
  • Instagram - null88.3K followers
  • Twitter - null670.7K followers
  • YouTube - null22.5K average views per upload


  • Red BullRed Bull
  • HuntersHunters
  • CorsairCorsair
  • OnePlusOnePlus
  • Army Ranger
National GuardArmy Ranger National Guard
Red Bull
Army Ranger
National Guard

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AnneMunition is interested in sponsored game streams, promoting entertainment products, hardware collaborations, and cats. Despite his strikingly good looks, he’s rarely interested in making appearances, but it never hurts to ask.

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